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Re: Introduction -- and expressing some concern

In a message dated 97-05-30 11:39:05 EDT, Jennifer_Schansberg@xxxxxxx
(Jennifer Schansberg) writes:
<<  I am just
           REALLY excited that I found this place and I want to be able
           to make the most of it. >>

I'm new to the list as well Jennifer and understand the concerns you had
expressed.  Well each place has it's own particular character and we can
accept or ignore the tone of it and simply make something of the experience
regardless.  This place is okay I guess but more importantly there is a
wealth of information that seems to be shared and I find, at least, that by
following the various links etc. that might come up that this is one way to
acquire a bit of information that could be useful.

It's nice to have some questions that might be a bit basic answered, but I
can understand the impatience of some if such questions do crop up
repeatedly.  I have no idea if this is the case recently but Peter, I think,
had given us a useful clue and that is to first check out what is already
answered in the archives.  Good suggestion and I appreciated it.

It is unfortunate however, that perhaps one might feel constrained not
knowing if the wrong buttons will be pushed with any particular question but
hanging in here for a period of time will be the best guidance for what the
folks here find acceptable and what isn't.  Some lists are a bit high strung,
others are more robust depending on the nature of the medium it centers
around, so it's just a matter of a little bit of patience before getting used
to it.  Hopefully in time, a meaningful contribution of our own may be
offered and found to be useful for others, as we make our own independent

Chris Ray


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