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Re: Introduction -- and expressing some concern

Hi Jennifer,
While I read this list all the time I don't respond often. I came to
bookbinding by way of art and print making not via conservation or library
work. I now teach book making, mostly to children and adults who WANT to make
something beautiful and useful in their lives. While I have tried to educate
myself in sound book making techniques, I do not have a degree in bookbinding
nor have I worked in the museum -library area but I try to teach my students
the best techniques I know. Therefore, I often feel a little timid about
responding--there must be somebody (everybody) on this list who knows more
than I do. But I do have experience in "silly" questions--in 15 yrs of
teaching in elementary to community college classes, I think I've heard them
all  (and I think I've seen all the mistakes that beginners can make). I
would be glad to answer any questions I can from you but you have to remember
too that some of us don't read this list everyday--I make it about 3 times a
week, and sometimes we might like a little time to think about a good answer.
So, it might take a few days to get an answer.
    About formal education in Book Arts.  There is the Oregon College of Arts
and Crafts, 8245 SW Barnes Road, Portland, OR (can't find zip), 503-297-5544.
They offer an undergraduate degree in Book Arts.
                                                                Patty Grass
(and I do identify myself)

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