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Re: Introduction -- and expressing some concern

Jennifer--Sorry the postings and answers to that one person's questions put
you off and made you feel cautious about joining this list. She (IMHO) asked
such a global question, with such loaded expectations, that no one at first
knew how to respond. Then, when Mary Crest took the time and energy to do so,
she took offense and demanded to be gotten off the list. She had not bothered
to read the instructions that came with subscribing, so continued to demand
this, despite being told that she had to use the appropriate wording and send
the request to the appropriate place. Though there are occasional posturings
and evident egos on this list, I have found people to be generally responsive
and supportive. You may occasionally arouse someone's irritation or contempt,
but should that occur, there are always others ready to chastise whoever was
involved in displaying unnecessary spleen. Also, the other person apparently
signed on with an expectation via a friend or some other source that we were
all arrogant pigs. She was thus quite ready to interpret any and everything
negatively. I trust your experience will be as different as your attitude
evidently is. While I don't have answers to your questions, I am sure you
will get some. Welcome!

Barbara Harman

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