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Re: Introduction -- and expressing some concern

April Abbott wrote:

>The universities I know of with Book Arts programs are the University of
>Iowa and the University of Alabama.  They have a fair amount of
>information on their websites and will mail you more if you ask them.  If
>anybody else on the list knows of other good educational opportunities,
>please post them to the list, since I'm also interested.

A new MFA in the book arts is underway at the Columbia College Chicago
Center for Book and Paper Arts, created in 1994 by the merger of Artists
Book Works and Paper Press.   The Center is part of the Interdisciplinary
Arts Masters program at Columbia (started in 1976). Our MFA in
Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Arts  starts this fall. Up till now
students in the Interarts Masters program could do a focus in books and
paper.  For information call the Center at 312/431-8612 or write the
Graduate School, Columbia College, 600 South Michigan, Chicago, IL 60605,
312/663-1600, extension 5669.

Barbara Lazarus Metz


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