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The List and Commands

I was speaking on the phone with someone yesterday and the list and some of
the recent "problems" came up, especially with sending commands. I have
tried to make the instructions as straight-forward as I humanly can, but
ultimately the exact wording of the commands is determined by the software

When you send a command to get on, off, change settings, it gets sent to
listserv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx That address is a machine NOT A human and
consequently can't interpret what you are sending unless it exactly matches
the "controlled vocabulary." Sending it to the list as a whole
(book_arts-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) won't do anything except let me know that
someone tried to do something and sent it to the wrong address. If the
syntax was wrong, I'll send that person the FAQ, but I won't execute the
command for them unless they physically can't because something in their
address changed. You all got on yourselves, and if you could do that, you
can do this. Same thing, only different words.

Syntax is of the utmost importance. The list name is Book_Arts-L, the case
is unimportant, but some have sent it as bookarts, book arts list... The
machine won't know what to do with and then the sender will receive a
cryptic, "unfriendly," message back. I can't change any of this. Sorry.

I hope this clears some things, maybe?

>> Je mehr das Eiweiss stinkt, je mehr der Goldschnitt blinkt! <<

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