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Re: Introduction -- and expressing some concern

Arizona State University incorporates book arts into its printmaking curriculum
 as one of the graphic media and extensions of graphic media.  I teach courses
in Fine Printing & Bookmaking, Papermaking, and Artists' Books. Students in the
 Printmaking Area, as BFA or MFA students, may choose to concentrate in book ar
ts, though the degree is in art, not book arts. For writers, ASU's Creative Wri
ting Program has a book arts option for students who want to study words into p
rint. ASU's History department has a Scholarly Publishing Certificate program i
n which students take the book arts classes to study books and printing from th
e ground up before they go into the small press and scholarly press field as ed
itors, designers, and production managers.
   Our letterpress shop has one of the largest inventories of metal type of any
 collegiate program with over 1100 cases of type - around 15 tons. The April/Ma
y issue of American Craft magazine has an article about the donation two years
ago of some 700 cases of type to our program.
   More information is available from ASU's website - sorry, I don't have the a
ddress handy - or by writing, calling, faxing, or e-mailing:

   John Risseeuw, Professor              602/965-3713 office
   Chair, Printmaking Area               602/965-8338 fax
   Director, Pyracantha Press
   School of Art
   Arizona State University
   Tempe, Arizona 85297-1505

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