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Re: Introduction -- and expressing some concern

At 10:23 AM 5/30/97 -0400, you wrote:
>          Hi all.
>          I just signed up to this list.  I seem to have caught the
>          end (or middle) of the "why didn't anyone answer my
>          question?" person vs. Mary Crest response.  I have to say,
>          it made me step back a moment.
>          I don't mean this to be prejudiced toward one person or the
>          other where this thread is concerned.  I know it may sound
>          that way and there may be a deeper story here that I don't
>          know about.  I just want to make sure that I can enjoy this
>          list as much as those of you who are deeply and thoroughly
>          involved in the book arts as a profession/hobby.  I am just
>          REALLY excited that I found this place and I want to be able
>          to make the most of it.
>          Ta,
>          Jennifer
>          Jennifer_Schansberg@xxxxxxx

Dear Jennifer,

I as with many questions, with this particular thread the original
questionwas rather open ended.  Her "crime" was the snippy way that she
reacted to the reponse she got.  She completely ignored the fact that
several people where attempting to find her information AND defend the
importance of her question.  She didn't want to wait around for help. She
got one unintentionly "nasty" response and she wanted out.  She did not read
the directions to sign off the list and wanted the folks she just insulted
to "get her off the list", which only she can do.  It is important to lurk
for a while to get a sense of how to phrase a question etc.  This person
demanded INSTANT resluts during a holiday week and no one wants to hear her

Most of the people on this list are very helpful to others but at the same
time professional enough to not let crap be said unchallanged.  To tell a
newbie that to be a good  bookbinder you must start as a child and age 40 is
too late is just plain silly, not to mention counter productive to this list
and the people who use it.  Unfortunately newbies often think that this
discourse is directed at them.  Thus the importance of lurking.

Our thin-skinned newbie should hang in there and understand that you can
learn the most from people who are passionate about their work.  You don't
have to aggree with them to learn.  To whine about what's in between won't
gain one any respect.  Learn from it, ask better formed, less open ended
questions that people can respond to in a direct way.

Some of us spend hours trying to untie these open questions only to find the
questioner has important qualifiers that were not stated up front.  Explain
what you do know and ask away.  People are out here to help.

I hope this addresses your concerns.

Best regards

      M I C H A E L   M O R I N                  M.F.A., M.L.S.
    Director Celtic Press                Instructional Media Librarian
     Buffalo  New York                   D'Youville College Library
 Member Buffalo Free-Net Information Development Committee
       Member Buffalo Free-Net Executive Board of Directors

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