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bookcloth cleaner

I've just returned from two weeks in England, visiting
suppliers/manufacturers of various bookbinding materials that we buy and
re-sell here in the States.  I happened to come across something called
BACKUS Bookcloth Cleaner, and bought a can to bring home and check out. I saw
it being used in a friends bindery to remove soot on books that had been
stored in a room recently gutted by fire, and it looked like it had potential
for my customers. Unfortunately (or should I say fortunately) the airlines
confiscated it because it was marked "flamable". Further investigation
indicates that, even if I decided wanted to buy it for resale here (USA) I
couldn't because of shipping problems.

My question is two-fold:

(1) Can anyone comment on this particular product - pros/cons, composition,
etc. and, (2) is there something similar already available in the U.S. that I
should know about?

Thanks in advance for any input!

Karen/Bookbinder's Warehouse

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