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Re: book query

In a message dated 06/03/97 1:22:07 AM, Charles Alexander wrote:

<<Regarding the book you ask about, I think the full citation, or at least
the title page reads " . . . by Gwyneth Swain and Minnesota Center for Book
Arts." Gwyneth should get all the credit.>>


<Probably not necessary for
the professional binder such as you, Richard, but still a good book. I
wasn't aware that the paperback edition was now being published, so thank
you for calling my attention to it. I believe some percentage of the
royalty still goes to Minnesota Center for Book Arts, so by all means buy

On the other hand, there is a photo in the book of Janet Parker handing my
book, "Some Mountains" with no credit given to me as the book artist. It
looks, and caption reads, as if Janet was the artist.

Barbara Harman

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