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PVA Ventilation

Hi! I work in a small studio space in the back of my basement that only has one
window at the frontside of my condo.  I feel like it's not good for me to
breathe in the PVA fumes and I'm interested in finding out anyone's suggestion
for an exhaust fan.
        1. What should I look for in an exhaust fan?  (I need it to be no more
than 14"x14")
        2. Should I be concerned by the PVA fumes? (I am making one-of-a-kind
books and am in the studio two or three days a week.)
        3. Should I be concerned with how I wash my brushes?  (I only have
access to the kitchen sink.)

Any input would be greatly appreciated, by me and other members of my household
who feel like I am affixiating myself!  Marcia Buch buch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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