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Classes, copyright

Regarding recent questions about degree courses in the book arts, may I
recommend the current issue of Letter Arts Review (Vol. 13, no. 4). It
contains an article by the publisher on many of the programs in the U.S.,
England, Switzerland, and Germany offering training in the bookarts, complete
with addresses & phone numbers. Copies can be obtained from the publisher at
1624 24th Street/Norman, OK 73072. $12.50 for a single issue.

Regarding the recent thread about copyright depository, I was just speaking
to a friend of mine, an illustrator, lawyer, and former v.p. of the Graphic
Arts Guild. He was amazed that anyone thought they had to deposit an original
work with the Library of Congress for copyright purposes. In fact, he said, a
photocopy, photograph, or electronic form (CD ROM, floppy) is quite
acceptable. I wonder if the same applies elsewhere.

R. Williams

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