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          Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

          I just want to say thanks to all who responded to my
          concerns (and questions) both personally and via list.  I
          have so much enough beginning information and really am
          anxious to find the time to delve into what I'm sure will be
          a fascinating arena.  I only received two leads (I think)
          to Book Arts programs in the UK though.  Does anyone else
          have other ideas?  What about Bath?  They have a great used
          bookstore near the rail station which includes an erstwhile
          "museum" -- if I remember correctly, when I was there, the
          exhibits were on Charles Dickens and Jane Austen.  Anyway,
          the memory of that bookstore triggered the thought just now
          that perhaps there was some kind of program at the
          University of Bath (or surrounding parts?).  Any Brits (or
          other Europeans) out there who might be able to shed some
          light?  Or is this a strictly American list?

          Thank you all again, really truly.  I've decided to "give
          this list a second chance"!  [  :) -- I never intended to
          unsubscribe.  I just wanted to know if I should lurk or talk
          and ask questions...]


          NAGPRA Consultant
          National Park Service
          Archeology and Ethnography Program
          Washington, DC

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