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Re: embossing paper


I did some simple embossing/debossing on some "engagment" cards
(yes, I misspelled the word and my inlaws still haven't let me
forget all these years later! Fortunately my then-fiance, now-wife,
forgave me and we are happily married, but she wouldn't let me
design the wedding announcements for fear we might have a "weeding"
reception instead!).  This was a simple debossing, just making
an oval impression about 3/4" in from around the edge of the front
of the card.  The card was an 8.5" X 11" sheet folded twice.

First I made a jig to do the debossing, I used two pieces of
four-ply mat board, cut to the size of the opened sheet of paper.
On the top side, I cut out the shape I wanted to deboss.  I then
shaved off about a 1/16" off this cut out and glued it on the
other piece of mat board in the corresponding place.  I hinged
these two pieces together.

To do the actual debossing, I placed the sheet of paper in the
jig, made sure it was lined up and then placed it in a nipping
press, between pressing boards, and screwed the press down TIGHT.
Leave it in for a few seconds.  If you make two jigs (like I did),
you can load the second jig while the first is in the press and
get some production out of the process.  I made about 75 cards
this way, and along with the folding, didn't take more than a short
afternoon all told.

The debossing wasn't really strong, but I was looking for just a
shallow embellishment.  If you are looking to do fancy designs
or want a very definite impression, you might want to try a bigger
press which can apply more pressure or even try a different

Hope this helps,

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