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Re: Bookbinder Jean de Gonet

>From the Center for Book Arts catalog of publications -- this and all other available CBA publications and catalogs are online at


Jean de Gonet

An exhibiton of 45 works by innovative French bookbinder, de Gonet. According to Jan van der Marck in the introduction, "Innovation
is a radical attack on the continuity of thought and action that distinguishes culture and informs tradition. There are two ways in which to
detect it: by deduction and induction. The former requires that we search for a break in an evolving stylisitic configuration much as we
would for a stoppage of leak in a pipeline. The latter proceeds by the intuitive recognition of a sea change and the ability to pinpoint
evidence from clues. At first blush, de Gonet's ingeniously crafted or industrially produced covers resemble the lid of a rolltop desk or
the dash of a racing car. These unsubtle clues that somebody is playing hard and fast with the bookbinder's tradition are the
unchallengeable evidence of innovation." Illustrated. 28 pp. On view at the Center for Book Arts, May 16 - June 16. 1987. $5


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