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Re: medieval bindings?

As I recall, Bernard Middleton has some good material in _A History of English Craft Bookbinding Technique_ and _The Restoration of Leather Bindings_. Somebody borrowed by book on endbands, which I think is by Jane Greenfield but someone will correct me if it's not, which has directions for some medieval endbands.

Check out the Sotheby's and Christie's catalogs, particularly for the "better" sales (like Doheny, etc.) -- there are splendid illustrations to be found.

Nixon has many illustrations, and there are actually hundreds of books on the history of bookbinding which can help you. Spend a year or two in the Rare Book Room of the New York Public Library, and the Morgan Library. In Chicago, go to the Newberry. Wherever you are you should be able to find original examples to study. There's no substitute for studying original bindings from every period. Go to Verona, to the Biblioteca Capitolare, which I believe is the oldest continuously operated library extant (5th c?). They had an excellent binder when I was there, who was involved in restoration of 11th. c. books at the time (1977 or so).


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