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New Jersey Book Arts Symposium

The Third New Jersey Book Arts Symposium will be held on November 11, 1997, at
the John Cotton Dana Library, at Rutgers University, Newark, NJ. This year's
symposium is entitled "Hey! What's <em>New?</em>: Tradition and Innovation in
the Book Arts," and will explore the varied potential for dynamic reciprocity,
or, at least the creative tensions, between tradition (past practices, the
exemplary, formalist values, etc.) and innovation (experimentation, defeating
expectations, novelty, romanticism, etc.) within the context of Book Arts and,
more specifically, within the work of six New Jersey artisans and book artists,
including makers of artist's books, a paper maker, a calligrapher and a graphic
artist/children's book illustrator.

This is a quick word, and more concrete details, names, addresses will follow
later. Just remember, you heard it here first on BOOK_ARTS-L!


Michael Joseph
Rare Book and Jerseyana Catalog Librarian
Rutgers University Libraries
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, New Jersey

                voice: 908-445-5904
                email: mjoseph@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                fax :  908-445-5888


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