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Jost Hochuli

To anyone interested:

I recently picked up _Book Design_: Theory and Practice by Jost Hochuli. In
addition to some great ideas, there are hundreds of illustrations of a
wonderful variety of types of books with enlightening comments on their
basic design premises as well as content/design issues. Also, a chapter on
books that Hochuli has designed himself.

The fascination with this field that the book has given me has led to an
insatiable curiosity--I'm amassing any and all information that I can get.

Would anyone know of:

1. Web sites that talk about Hochuli or his work?
2. Other books by or about Hochuli? (that possibly might still be in print)
3. Other book designers--preferably "experimental" or "avant-garde"--by or
about whom there are web sites or books?

I've just checked out from my local library _The Form of the Book_ by Jan
Tschichold which I can't wait to get my hands on . . . it seems brilliant.

Please reply to the list or backchannel with any answers or any other ideas
that occur to you regarding book design and innovators in this field.
Hopefully, I've given a (somewhat) opaque idea as to the type of
information for which I'm looking.

Thank you very much for your help.

Peter Zukowski

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