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Jost Hochuli

>From John Morris
National Library of Scotland

We just had an exhibition on Jost Hochuli at the beginning of this year, and at
the same time there was one at the St Bride's Printing Library - no catalogues
I'm afraid. I agree his manuals are really inspirational, and the books he
designs are outstandingly beautiful. Every year he designs a gift-book for VGS
Veragsgemeinschaft St. Gallen called the Typotron Volumes, each one on a
different subject, though mostly about people and firms connected with St Gallen.
These are among his best things as he is given a free hand, and they are also
done in English editions. If you are interested you could write to the firm for
a catalogue.

I know of a couple of manuals which might be available. Detail in typography.
Agfa Compugraphic, Wilmington, 1987 and Designing Books, an introduction to book
deign and in particular, Book typography from the same publisher, 1990. The first
deals with *microtypography* i.e. getting the details right and the latter with
*macrotypography* i.e. about overall planning and how to lay out a design.

John Morris

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