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Bookbinding in California

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>Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 13:05:29 +0000
>From: cremers@xxxxxxxxx
>To: exlibris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: (Fwd) Book binding
>Message-ID: <199706061104.NAA16044@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>From:          "rhinos1" <rhinos1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>To:            <cremers@xxxxxxxxx>
>Subject:       Book binding
>Date:          Wed, 4 Jun 1997 22:42:29 -0700
>Dear Fellow Book Lover,
>I am a mailorder Natural History book dealer in California. I am very
>interested in learning the fine art of binding and conservation/repair of
>books. I am also looking for a supplier for binding and related supplies. I
>have had limited success in locating the basic material and I would still
>like to aquire a small book press. I would appreciate any information on
>classes of groups that instruct on this within the San Jose, California
>area. If you are not sure, maybe a referal to someone who might have this
>type of information.
>Thank you,
>Richard Pontius
>NHIR Books
>8200 Kern Avenue, Suite E-204
>Gilroy, CA 95020
>e-mail: Rhinos1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Ton Cremers
>(Book History Chronology)
>(Cultural Property Protection)

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