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Re: Jost Hochuli

A longish posting follows. If you are quite uninterested in book design
      you may wish to delete it.
Jost Hochuli, the Swiss typographer/book designer is one of the truly
      outstanding practitioners working today.

Peter Zukowski wrote:
> To anyone interested:
> I recently picked up _Book Design_: Theory and Practice by Jost Hochuli.
> [?] there are hundreds of illustrations of a
> wonderful variety of types of books with enlightening comments on their
> basic design premises as well as content/design issues. Also, a chapter on
> books that Hochuli has designed himself.
> The fascination with this field that the book has given me has led to an
> insatiable curiosity--I'm amassing any and all information that I can get.
> [?]
> I've just checked out from my local library _The Form of the Book_ by Jan
> Tschichold which I can't wait to get my hands on . . . it seems brilliant.

John Morris wrote:
> >From John Morris
> National Library of Scotland
> We just had an exhibition on Jost Hochuli at the beginning of this year, and at
> the same time there was one at the St Bride's Printing Library - no catalogues
> I'm afraid. I agree his manuals are really inspirational, and the books he
> designs are outstandingly beautiful. Every year he designs a gift-book for VGS
> Veragsgemeinschaft St. Gallen called the Typotron Volumes, each one on a
> different subject [?]
> If you are interested you could write to the firm for a catalogue.

      Corrections ? spelling: Verlagsgemeinschaft; not a firm, but the
association [of
      St. Gallen publishers].

> I know of a couple of manuals which might be available. Detail in typography.
> Agfa Compugraphic, Wilmington, 1987 and Designing Books, an introduction to book
> design and in particular, Book typography from the same publisher, 1990. The first
> deals with *microtypography* i.e. getting the details right and the latter with
> *macrotypography* i.e. about overall planning and how to lay out a design.

      There were three beautiful small volumes commissioned from Hochuli
by Agfa
      Compugrahic, published originally in German; then the two with
text in an English
      translation by Ruari McLean. The third title is 'Jost Hochuli's
Alphabugs', also
      1990. Incomprehensibly, Agfa ? having called into being these
little gems,
      presumably at no small cost ? failed abysmally in distributing
them. Incompetence
      or sabotage, take your pick.
The desire to have (at least part of) this work see wider dissemination
is the chief
      reason that Hyphen Press published 'Designing books' (yes, new
book, old title)
      by Joast Hochuli & Robin Kinross, 1996. The exhibition mentioned
by John Morris
      flows directly from the collaboration on the book.
The center portion of the newly published book is identical with the
original of the
      same title; it is preceded by 'Book design as a achool of thought'
by Hochuli, and
      followed by 'Books designed by Jost Hochuli', by Kinross.
Sadly, there is another volume that has, in all likelyhood, reached very
few readers.
      This is 'Book design in Switzerland' (1993), written and designed
by J.H. and
      translated by Charles Whitehouse. Published by Pro Helvetia (the
Art Council of
      Switzerland), distributed by the Swiss diplomatic missions. Yeah,

Designing books is available from Very Graphics at $40.- (+ postage).

Andras Furesz
Very Graphics [books]
P.O. Box 95642   Seattle, WA 98145

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