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Re: Bookbinding in California

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>>From:          "rhinos1" <rhinos1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>To:            <cremers@xxxxxxxxx>
>>Subject:       Book binding
>>Date:          Wed, 4 Jun 1997 22:42:29 -0700
>>Dear Fellow Book Lover,
>>I am a mailorder Natural History book dealer in California. I am very
>>interested in learning the fine art of binding and conservation/repair of
>>books. I am also looking for a supplier for binding and related supplies. I
>>have had limited success in locating the basic material and I would still
>>like to aquire a small book press. I would appreciate any information on
>>classes of groups that instruct on this within the San Jose, California
>>area. If you are not sure, maybe a referal to someone who might have this
>>type of information.

If you venture up to the San Francisco Area, the San Francisco Center for
the Book and the Hand Bookbinders of California both offer classes in
bookbinding at the Center. I will send you a schedule, but you may also
call us at 415-565-0545 for more information. We also have a list of
teachers who provide individual instruction (including some in the South
Bay area)

Good luck.

        <><><><Mary Austin

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