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Re: embossing paper

Future embossers -

I didn't see the first post on embossing/debossing, so I hope my information
is'nt way off topic.  My favorite embossing dies (sp? usage?) to recommend to
 first-time embossers are the little stencil books by Dover.  They are about
5" x 7", have 6 different patterns in each book, cost $1.00US, pages are dark
colored - perfect for using with a lightbox, and are plastic coated so you
can wet or dry emboss.

Any embossing / debossing project seems to work best when the side you want
to be the front of your card FACES the stencil.

Also, I am pretty opinioned about the tool to use.  I love the teflon
burnisher sold by Letraset.

Enjoy the extra dimension,
Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

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