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  Greetings all,

  We're at the pie-in-the-sky "idea" stage of a new project-

  What would be involved in creating a book bound in leather with an as yet
  undetermined leather relief on the front, rather like a leather sculpture.
  The sculpture itself would stand out approximately 1/2 inch with precious
  metal ornamentation "sticking through" at various places to complete the
  relief image.  We're thinking darker leather, an ancient look, something
  of obvious quality and workmanship, art as well as our own engineering.
  Size is approximately 1 foot by 1 1/2 feet with about 200 pages.  We would
  be distributing less than 100 copies.  High quality paper inside capable
  of holding a color image and not responding adversely to normal humidity
  and temperature changes indoors, we want a textured "paper" or "parchment"
  feel and not glossy bookstore stuff, and we want it to resist tearing.
  The book is a reference manual, so the paper/parchment would have to
  accept notes entered in the margins by the end user.  Somewhere inside is
  a pocket to hold multiple CDROMs (5 or less).

  What would be involved in a project like this ?

  Without knowing more, and not including the cost of the content or the bit
  of precious metal for the relief- what kind of expense would be facing (per
  copy or per distribution run of 20, 50, and/or 100) ?

  What vendors and/or services would we need relationships with ?

  Is there "one-stop-shopping" for something like this ?

  Some external group that handles all the logistics (publisher maybe) ?

  If it wasn't already obvious, I know nothing about bookbinding, printing,
  publishing, etc.  I just know what I want and how to pay for it.

  Many thanks in advance to all who take the time to respond.

Black Magic Technologies, Inc.
Email: book@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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