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     Hi Peter,

     Thank you for your message of 05/19/97.  As I am on Internet through
     my daughter I am a bit late in answering.  My apologies. Anyhow, I am
     under the impression that that American clients are prepared to pay
     more for a bookbinding than Belgian clients.  As you do I try to
     figure it out each time , but sometimes you have unexpected problems
     with a book and expensive delays.
     With a friend bookbinder I have started "timing" several types of
     binding and it nearly always takes longer than expected.  I am still
     looking out for preferably up-to-date detailed price lists.  Hello !
     Anyone !

     Best regards,

     Ghislaine Peleman (via e-mail : Kathleen.Wouters@xxxxxxxxxx)

     Struikenlei 12
     2900 SCHOTEN


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