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Donations for GBW Auction

In October the Guild of BookWorkers will again host its annual conference
"Standards of Excellence", this year in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Announcements
with exact details, schedule and list of presenters will be posted here in

In the meantime, I am organizing the "Second Annual Auction" in conjunction
with the conference, which means that the time has come for me to begin
begging for donations to the auction.  Last year we received dozens and
dozens of wonderful contributions and hope everyone will be as generous this
year (remember that GBW is a not-for-profit organization and therefore your
contributions are tax deductible to the extent of the law).

Although many of the donated items were book-ish in nature, that need not be
the case.  We received items ranging from $5 posters to $800 artists' books,
and everything in between.  To give you an idea of the range of items, we
received books (on bookbinding, how-to, printing, calligraphy, catalogs etc.)
and more books; tools and equipment including paring knives, gold cushions
etc.; a marbled vignette; posters (book related and not); an oriental scroll;
numerous (and very popular) blank books; coptic bindings; well, you get the

So here is my "first call for donations". Please, please, look through your
drawers, cupboards, boxes, etc. and come up with something, or several
somethings, to donate to the auction.  I will begin by asking that you please
e-mail me personally (NOT to the list, please!) with a brief two or three
sentance description of the item(s) you wish to donate.  I'll put you 'on the
list' and eventually I will give you a name and address in Michigan to which
to send your contribution(s).

Any and all donations are gratefully accepted, be they books, books about
books; tools, equipment, paper, supplies, etc. Gadgets, gimicks, we'll take
them. Want to donate your time to give a free workshop? How about offering a
weekend stay at your B&B or resort condo? Marbled novelty items? A couple of
bottles of wine? Some unused bookcloth? Handmade paper? Be creative, and let
me hear from you.

Karen L. Crisalli/President
The Guild of Book Workers

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