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The Eye Rhymes Conference in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Dear Book Arts folk,

One of the list members buzzed me a note saying that she would be coming to
the Eye Rhymes conference here in Edmonton, my hometown and world
headquarters for my little design shop. If anyone else is coming up for the
conference, let me know and maybe we can get together and discuss (argue
over?) art and craft in person!  ;)

The campus has been my home for the past eight years and I spent many of
them giving tours to visitors, so it would be my pleasure to show you
around. I won't be able to make the whole conference, but I'm sure we can
find time enough at least for coffee and a "nice to meet you in person."

Please reply to me directly if you're going to be up this way. I hope we
can get a few Book Arts folk together during the conference.


Winston Pei

Black Riders Design

  or find us on the worldwide web at http://www.blackriders.com/

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