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Jost Hochuli

To Peter Zukowski
from John Morris
Assistant Librarian
National Library of Scotland


The address of Typotron AG is  P.O.B., CH-9016 St. Gallen, Switzerland. That of
VGS Verlagsgemeinschaft St. Gallen is Postpach, 9001, St. Gallen, Switzerland.
The best I have for Agfa Compugraphic is Agfa Corporation, Wilmington, Mass.

The exhibition at the National Library of Scotland was not connected with the
book published by Very Graphics, which in fact arrived too late for inclusion,
though that at the St Bride's Printing Library may perhaps have been, but to
celebrate the gift by the typographer of a collection of books designed by

Jan Tschichold's books on typographic design are very much concerned with
asymmetrical typography, the style of the Bauhaus. You might also be interested
in the work of George Mackie, Berthold Wolpe and Rocky Stinehour. I don't think
any of them published a manual, but the first two at any rate were the subject
of exhibition catalogues, Wolpe from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London
and George Mackie at the National Library of Scotland. The English edition of
The George Mackie catalogue sold out in weeks but it should be available in
libraries. Ruari McLean's books on Victorian Book Design etc. you are probably
familiar with. McLean is a practising typographer as well as a historian, and
therefore brings a deep insight to the study of the history of book design.

To my mind one of the delights of Jost Hochuli's approach is that it applies as
much to computer design as it does to the old hot metal. The earlier manuals,
great though their merits, have the traditional technology in their roots.


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