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Re: Bone folders

In a message dated 97-06-11 09:31:38 EDT, tcl@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Jack C. Thompson)
<< The folders are finished with files, sandpaper, belt sanders, scrapers,
 steel wool, etc. depending on what you have available.

It's just a suggestion but if one doesn't have access to different folders
then substitutes could easily be made by using wooden sculptor's tools
available at any well equipped art supply store.  There are an extensive
array of shapes that will prove useful.  It's certainly easy enough to
reshape the wood which is rather dense in most cases and when well polished
have very little friction.

Depending on the density of the material to be creased or folded, sometimes
something unique may be called for so it's also very easy to take a piece of
hard plastic and shape it as needed.  I use something that is similar to
bakelite and it holds a fine edge and can be polished nicely.

Chris Ray


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