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Re: bone folders

Hello all,
       I've been lurking on this list awhile(2-3mos) but , binding much
longer.  I started off as a college grad with a B.A. in history and couldn't
bear the thought of teaching.  I ended up spending 8 years at Colonial
Williamsburg(18th C living history museum) basically teaching bookbinding
history and at the same time learning the trade.  My bone folder and I were
inseparable...I spend most of my first 2 years folding paper and talking to
tourists/visitors.  Fortunately, there is life after folding.  My
apprenticeship followed the same course though and I feel fortunate that I had
the opportunity to learn in this manner.  Repetition though boring allows one
to build on skills learned previously.  We were also allowed to spend time in
the research department/archives studying the books we were reproducing.
Please, no comments on the lack of quality in this period of
English/Am.colonial binding, the basics are the same.  Anyway, the point of
all this is to say that my folder of 14 years is an extension of my hand...for
creasing,shaping of leather,back scratching,etc.  I lost this folder about
three years ago for about 5-6 months...I can't even explain the loss I felt.
My replacement though effective just wasn't the same.  Funny thing, about the
same time I found old faithful the replacement disappeared...never have found
it either.
          Personally, I don't think material or shape matters.  The bone
should fit the hand of the binder.  My bone has a rounded  and a pointed
edge. It was also quite symetrical until a co-worker knocked it to the
floor...AHHHH! But, now I do have two different edge thicknesses to score with
when needed.  As mentioned before, you can sand folders down to the desired
shape.  One caution, sanding "bone" folders can remind you of a visit to the
          I guess that's all for now.  For any one in th Atlanta area
interested in getting together, please contact me off list at> ElCec@xxxxxxx

                                                        Rhonda Graves
                                                        Atlanta  404-624-6222

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