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Seeking info, background, history, elucidation, anecdotes,
anything at all about the Wayzegoose, the traditional
celebratory outing held by printers & such ...

we read mention of it in the book on the Kelmscott Press,
and we're intrigued by the term, its origin(s), the event,
who still holds one/any [if any], what used to be done,
what is done lately/nowadays, and all like that.
Sounds like a tradition we definitely outght to keep alive.

So, who knows of Wayzegooses, Wayzegoosing?
Please share.

Al & Sibyl Rubottom
Lesha Avidya Press
Al Rubottom  /\  alrubottom@xxxxxxxxxxx
tel: 619.292.9998 /\ fax: 619.541.2260

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