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Re: bone folders

>People who have studied with Walter Hamady pick up his use of > the term
>"folding bone"--if you hear someone use this term you can probably > trace
>their (educational) lineage back to Wisconsin.
>Guilty as charged- I have to make a conscious effort to say bone folder (it
>isn't, after all, for folding bones) But it had never occurred that it was
>from Walter that I picked this up!  Glad to see you're still in WI, Tracy.
>Greetings from Newfoundland! Tara Bryan

A little bit like "walking stick" and "walking-stick"  -  one is a stick that
walks, the other is to help someone walking over rough ground or whatever.  A
"folding-bone" would be quite reasonable it seems to me!
[See p.284, Fowler's "The King's English", Oxford.]

Rodney Fry
<rod.fry@xxxxxxxx  >

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