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Re: Bone folders

At 05:31 AM 6/11/97 -0400, you wrote:
>While I used to use REAL bone all the time I have found that nothing beats
>I still use bone for some things, mostly shaping headcaps. My favorite is
>quite narrow and thin with a point on one end and beveled flat edge on the
>other. Works the leather and vellum beautifully.

Hi all,

I was taught to place new bone folders in a jar of olive oil for several
days before use.  This gives the bone a plastic-like smoothness and makes
them easy to smooth and polish and gives the bone a slightly transparent
look.  It seems to improve the feel of the tool and gives them a bit of
resistance to adhesives pastes and other junk that gum them up.  Is this so
common a practice the no one mentions it?


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