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Friends in the craft:

        1:  Which paper (weight, texture) would any of you recommend for

        2:  Which would you recommend for repairing parasite damaged

        3:  Which Japanese Papers would you recommend,  and would you
kindly recommend which variety of Japanese Paper to use for the above

        And one last thing...not to sound like a philistine or anything,
but seeing that parasites love to munch on animal and starch based
pastes, would it be a big NO-NO to utilize PVC with Japanese Papers and
or any other type of paper used for either of the two questions at the

Cheers and best wishes to all.

Rommel John Miller                        rjmiller1095@xxxxxxxx
12544 Selsey Rd
Ocean City, MD  21842-9128             (410) 213-0082  (voice/fax/data)

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