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thanks for more Wayzgoosology

Thanks to everyone who responded! Such an
abundant efflorescence of sharing...

but whoever posted the charming recollection
his time at Yale: you didn't identify yourself
in the msg, so yr msg was anonymous in my
e-mail from BOOK_ARTS list -- no address/header
info is included with msgs, 'cuz unless you put it
in the body of the msg, we is clueless!

Anyway, that was nostalgic for me/us as well.
Both my wife & I attended Yale [Al: '69, Ezra Stiles,
orig. class of '68 but postponed; Sibyl: MFA '66,
A&A],  & we lived in Connecticut for some years
afterward, and have fond memories of the area.

BUT neither of us were into book arts or printing
at that time, so we missed knowing firsthand of the
marvelous folks & things you describe.

Thanks for such a lovely look back!
Please let us know who you are and what you're
up now.

Al & Sibyl
Hiranya Garba Press
Al Rubottom  /\  alrubottom@xxxxxxxxxxx
tel: 619.292.9998 /\ fax: 619.541.2260

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