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Re: soaking bone folders in vegetable oil

I've been hearing about soaking folders in vegetable oil for a couple of
years now, but knowing the affinity of oil for paper I'm a tad leary. This is
probably irrational, I know, but there it is.
If you're not in a hurry, over time the folder will absorb sufficient oil
from you, especially if you pass the folder through your hair occasionally
while working. Another useful property of hair oil is to neutralize (not the
best term but the only one which comes to mind...) adhesive residue on your
hands. When your hands get sticky rub them lightly together, run your hands
through your hair a couple of times and once again rub them together. Sticky
all gone.
A rule of thumb when going to classes with my teachers was never wash your
hair on casemaking days.


Don Rash fine bookbinder
50 Burke St.
Plains, PA 18705
email: DNRash@xxxxxxx
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