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printer inks

I have a question and though the answer may seem obvious at first blush, it
may not be quite so apparent to me.  I'm now printing out dummies of a series
of illustrated journals and have some concern about the fugitive colors used
in the HP Inkjet printer.

I'm familiar with the permanency of pigmented colors but not those comprised
of dyes, which I assume the printer inks are made with.  Okay, I know that
works exposed to ambient light will fade in a short time but that isn't my
concern here but rather how well do the colors hold up in a book that will be
normally closed and perhaps cased?  Will these colors fade regardless, and if
so does anyone have an idea of an approximate life span for such colors?

I know that someone here had posted a source that supplies more permanent
inks and that might be an option for the printer although colors may not be
matched to the printer.  Of course adjustments could be made in that regard.
 Still, I do wonder about the standard inks.

Even though dyes are normally fugitive there are conditions for some types
used that have proven to be quite stable under controlled light tight
conditions.  I'm thinking of Kodachrome slide films.  I have Kodachromes that
have been processed nearly forty years ago and to this day the color
saturation and stability remains as true as the day when they were fresh.
 Yes, the dyes used in photo processing are different than those used for
inks I'm sure, however I'm wondering if a similar result can be expected with
the current crop of printer inks.

The final books will be printed on acid free rag paper so I'm assuming that
any normal reaction between non-acid free paper and the inks will not be a
factor to consider but rather the stability of the ink colors themselves, if
not exposed excessively to light.  The accumulated exposure of opened books
is not a significant factor since limited editions are not viewed as
frequently as other works.  At least not mine, I'm sure.

Chris Ray


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