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  The choice of Japanese tissue for guarding or mending is rarely
straightforward.  I think the most common guarding tissues are kizukishi
and sekishu, tenjugo for mending page tears, at least for me.  However,
I will use something different if the paper I am mending or guarding
needs it.  Most important, I think, is to match weights and tones so
that the guards and mends don't fight with the original paper in 'feel'
or visual field.
 As for adhesive, I have used methyl cellulose now and again with
tissue, but vastly prefer paste.  I may have used PVA on spines with
something heavy like okawara, but it would be the odd case.  If you are
worried about attracting bugs to older books by using paste, don't
worry.  There is already so much in these books to attract bugs, and
molds, that you are, in effect, trying to reduce the caloric count of a
double dip, hot fudge chocolate sundie by holding back on the jimmies
(or whatever chocolate sprinkles are called in your neighborhood).
 Besides, PVA for a page mend is way too dense, RJ, and I think you'll
find it just makes a mess.  Good luck.

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