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Art Conservatory in Miami

Hi everyone - for those of you who remember me I have just moved to the
wonderful Caribbean Island of Dominica.  It is situated between Guadeloupe
and Martinique.  It is a beautiful tropical island whose temperature rarely
dips below 80 F even at night or rainy days.  Coming from Canada I can
finally say - I'm warm...

There are lots of banana plants here and plan on experimenting as soon as I
receive my supplies.

But to my question...  A few months ago I wrote concerning some lithograph
prints that were water damaged and some of the sheets were torn while trying
to separate them.  I have gone through your reply's but now I am wondering
if anyone knows of any conservatory labs in Florida, preferably around the
Broward County area.  I have friends who can deliver them and I would like
it to be as easily found as possible (Miami isn't out of the question - but
it's hell to get around - save BEACH area!).

Thank you in advance for your assistance and I look forward to getting in on
the conversation again!


Colette Johnson-Vosberg
Dominica, West Indies
(formerly Hampton, New Brunswick Canada)
Colette Johnson-Vosberg

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