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Re: printer inks

Lilias, Chris, et al -
In my experience the 'aquatint' quality that is available via inkjet
printing (I use a Tektronix Phaser 140 which is a 360 dpi postscript
printer) has more to do with the kind of paper used than anything else.
With soft, unsized papers the dot pattern is dispersed. I generally print
on Arches 90 lb rough water color paper - the output resembles watercolor
wash with applied colored pencil. These are images that begin as watercolor
paintings and are scanned in direct from the original.  When color xerox
was introduced on the campus where I went to school 20 years ago, the
technician was willing to experiment with alot of different papers. Using
charcoal papers was particularly suited to my needs. Since then I've been
unable to find another technician as willing to experiment. Like Chris I
find that the paper surface generally used for color copying  doesn't work
with my images. Alicia Bailey

>Hi Chris - thanks for your descriptive reply about your inkjet printouts.
>The aquatint quality you like about them perhaps has to do with the
>dps ?/ (dots per square inch of ink)  What does your printer produce,
>720 dps?

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