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<bold>Colophon Page</bold> is pleased to announce the portfolios of
several fine contemporary book artists/publishers on its Gallery page

There are new portfolios from:


Mimi Schaer/NYC

Foolscap Press/Santa Cruz,CA

Melville Press/Pacific Palisades,CA

Susanna Bergtold/Leonia,NJ

Editions Ruth Zilkha/Paris

</bold>All presentations are extensively illustrated<bold>

</bold>We are also pleased to announce our collaboration with
<bold>OnPaper</bold> (formerly Print Collector's Newsletter). Nancy
Princenthal's <italic>Book Beat </italic>is now a regular feature on
our Journal page.

And we now present the online version of Judith Hoffberg's

While on the Journal page, look for ExLibris, devoted to
<bold>contemporary artists's multimedia</bold> (the artists' CDrom as
the next generation of artists' book)

Be certain not to miss, on the Gallery page, Maurizio Scudiero's richly
illustrated essay on the <bold>Italian Futurist Book.

</bold>Finally, on our Marketplace page, visit Jan van der Donk's new
catalogue of <bold>20th century avant-garde books</bold>. Designed by
Jan, it raises the bar for all online catalogues to come.

Thank you and best wishes,

James Wintner

Colophon Page

http://colophon.com  Colophon Page

http://photoarts.com PhotoArts

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