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Re: printer inks

In a message dated 97-06-18 02:47:43 EDT, dherlihy@xxxxxxxx (Daria) writes:
<< The aquatint quality you like about them perhaps has to do with the
  dps ?/ (dots per square inch of ink)  What does your printer produce,
 720 dps? >>

Lilias: I tried both the 720dpi and the 1440(?)dpi settings on an Epson
printer using the rag paper and find that for the particular pieces I'm
working on I like the 300dpi of the HP printer instead.

The very high resolution produces muddy prints on regular paper and I believe
this setting is only intended for coated stock.  The photos reproduced using
the proper paper are quite striking though.  The 720dpi output was very nice
but wasn't quite right for the images I am working on.  Don't ask me why, I
don't know, but it's just the feeling I am trying to convey with the work and
for whatever reason the coarser graininess of 300dpi seems to work better.

I wasn't trying to say that one printer is better than the other but rather
that sometimes even outdated technology still has it's valid uses, in which
case, it is then not outdated.  At least not yet.

I want to thank Brett for taking the trouble of looking into the
characteristics of HP printing inks and for posting me privately on the
information.  Since the company information that was obtained is copyrighted,
I guess it can't be passed on as written but maybe a simple paraphrase would
be okay here.  I hope so.

The dyes used in the 500 series of HP printers are not permanent and the
colors could change over time even stored in light tight conditions.  Black
will last for decades but unlike a carbon based ink, apparently not
indefinitely.  Brett, I hope this is okay to do, I thought that others might
be interested.  As you've stated, I too have no idea why such material should
be copyrighted, there aren't any surprises here.  Thanks again.

Chris Ray


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