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Re: printer inks

Since we're "talking" about inkjet printers...

I just bought one of those little low-end digital cameras (Casio QV-11).
It's really great for the money - 96 medium-rez images, visible on a
built-in LCD.  I love being able to snap away and see whether I want to
keep something without having to wait/pay for processing.  It's great for
making web pages, but the resolution isn't great for printout if you're
looking for a "real photograph" level of quality.  OTOH, for making my own
images, manipulated in directions which are more like print-making and
used in small-edition bookworks, it's keen.

I have a Canon BJ-4000, which on the whole is quite a nice machine.  I
understand (for instance from Alicia Bailey's message) that softer paper
surfaces will give blurrier and more watery images - but what would give
crispest-possible images?  Is it just a matter of hard surfaces?  Would
glossy papers be best, or something like Hammermill's premium laser paper?
I notice that the Canon "photokit" for the BJ-4200 (not compatible with my
4000, of course!) has a medium-weight very smooth (not glossy) paper, but
they also have a different ink cartridge which is supposed to be
color-optimized for photo reproduction. I intend to do some experiments
on my wide range of different papers, but a little more "theory" would help.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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