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I have been taking in apprentices for about 10 years, both here and when I
lived in Mexico. My apprenticeship brochure states that there is a 2 month
minimum required. They usually stay on average about 6 to 9 months. It is a
traditional apprenticeship in that they don't pay for the learning
experience and I don't pay for the work they do for me while learning. They
have to have their financial picture set up in advance, since Bisbee is
quite small and there isn't much chance for part time work here.

Apprentices are expected to produce a body of their own work during the time
they are here. That's part of the exchange. There's plenty of extra time and
they have the run of all the equipment in the studios and the use of my
extensive library for any project they want to pursue... with my help at any
time. I do any computer work for them, however, as I don't want anyone
messing up my computer any more than I do myself already!

General hand skills are expected and I ask for photos or examples of their
current work, whatever it is. I don't take anyone under 20 yrs old.

The most imprtant thing I have found to MAKE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR  is that the
applicant understands EXACTLY what they will be doing most of the time while
here. If this is spelled out IN DETAIL, they won't be misled or disappointed
after coming all they way out here. In my case, they do edition binding
mostly and help with workshops. Occasionally, they will be making paper for
our own use in the studio (I don't do production paper any more, it's just
too physically demanding... I don't wanna work THAT hard), and sometimes
some marbling will come along after I've given a marbling workshop.

Well, that's how I do it.


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