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Re: Ink Jet inks

I use both a Canon Ink Jet printer - the 610 - which has four separate
color cartidges. My experience in general over the past year is that this
is an excellent printer, very realiable, and capable of producing very
fine prints at the 360 dpi printing resoulution. I have no interest in
higher resolutions wihich are often associated with photographic
reproductions via the ink jet, although I have experimented with this. If
you want high photographic quality resolution then 720 and 1440 are
definitely of interest to you and you will need to use coated papers made
especially to yield those results. These can be purchased in Staples or
from the manufactures of the printers. I've also used the Epson larger
format (19 X 13")printer with comparable results, although it takes me an
hour to make a 14 X 11" print as opposed to the 3 minutes required for
most of my 11 X 8-1/2" Canon prints.
Paper is a key ingredient in the image quality. I usually print on 250 gr
Rives BFK with excellent results. If I want a bit sharper detail I choose
a somewhat less absorbant paper such as a Strathmore acid free drawing
paper of lighter weight. Again, if you want higher detail and continuous
tone you need to go the coated paper route.
Inks are a more difficult issue to deal with. Canon says their inks are
"light resistent," Can anyone translate? I've written to them but have not
had  a response. There are archival inks available - I know not where -
that are used in making ink jet Iris prints and ways to treat the paper to
insure stability of the inks and coatings, I believe to coat the finished
prints. Apparently, there are varnishes that can be used in this way but
this sounds like a method I would not want to use for aesthetic and health
reason. Finally, one can frame ink jet prints under (expensive)UV
resistent glass or plexiglas.
See the following for information on an upcoming digital workshop
sponsored by the National Museum of American Art
Norman Sasowsky

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