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Re: claycoat paper

>To obtain clay-coat papers, try one of your local printers.  They often
>use clay-coat papers when printing color pictures or even black and white
>if high resolution is of great importance.

Thankyou for the prompt reply! Would these clay-coats be onesided like the
traditional papers found in endsheets? Does anyone on the list use these to
replace the claycoat endsheets typically found in books of the mid
nineteenth century? Are there papers that have a more antique look to them?
What do the binders of this list use as solutions to restore such endsheets?

Ahhh, so many questions, so many questions!

Thank you in advance,


Christopher Brown
1214 E. Mifflin
Madison Wi 53703

"But where the danger is, there too
           grows the saving."   Hoelderlin

"Aber wo die Gefahr ist, waechst
           das Rettende auch."    Hoelderlin


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