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Bookbinding Classes at North Bennet Street School

The North Bennet Street, in Boston, MA, is offering some great classes,
with great instructors, in hand bookbinding this July.

Classes are:
Intro. to Leather Binding, July 14-18, James Reid-Cunningham and John
Carrera, $400.

Tool Sharpening for Leather Bookbinding Tools, July 13, Shaun Padgett, $65.

Non-Adhesive Bookbinding, July 7-11, John Carrera, $400.

Fundamentals of Cloth Case Bookbinding, Amy Lapidow and Lori Foley, $400.

Anyone interested in the Leather Bookbinding Class must also take the Tool
Sharpening class. Classes are limited to 12 individuals.

For further information contact the North Bennet Street School at:
39 North Bennet St.
Boston, MA 02113

Note: They will accept phone reservations with Visa/MC payment

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