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Archival qualities of Liquitex mediums (fwd)

based on the recent discussions of archival adhesives, I queried the
customer service department at liquitex about the qualities of the
liquid/gel gloss/matte mediums as far as not changing color and retaining
flexibility, and considering their suitability as archival products.
Response was:

Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 16:49:18 -0700
From: Nancy Faulstick <crayola@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Liquitex mediums

Dear Karen,

LIQUITEX acrylic mediums and gels are considered archival quality with no
appreciable color change after the equivalent of 100 years of indoor
museum exposure.  Our products, however, are not polyvinyl-acetate and
are not reversible.

I would suggest contacting a company that specializes in archival book
materials, such as the Gaylord Company.

Thank you for your interest in Binney & Smith and Liquitex products.


Nancy G. Faulstick
Sr. Consumer Affairs Representative

-respectfully submitted for your consideration
Karen from Atlanta

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