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Re: guarding

Ms. Africa:

        I'd like to thank you for your reply.  You are the only person to
have done so, and I am most appreciative.  I have ordered a sample packet
of Kozo from the "Japanese Paper Place" in Toronto, Ontario, their prices
seem to be a little better than University Products do.

        You might be interested that I am applying to the Conservation
and Preservation Department of the Morris Library at the University of
Delaware.  And while I need to establish a foot-hold in the field, I am
hopeful that this University will provide me an opportunity to learn and
to grow in the field.

        Several months ago you replied to another e-mail inquiry that I
put out, and you were supportive of the trouble I was having finding a
good mentor and paying position in the field, I hope now that this will
be my chance, but I can't help feeling that someone more knowledgeable
and just all-around better will be selected for this job, because I
really feel that no one wants a psychologically handicapped person
working for them, no matter how sincere or motivated the applicant
happens to be.  I can prove this by showing you rejection letters from
Universities and prospective employers, state and federal even who have
turned me down, and I know that it is because of my disability (I never
had a problem finding a job, or getting interviews BEFORE I because
"legally" disabled and handicapped) it is truly sad.

        But I thank you for listening and caring enough to respond, it
means a great deal to me when people take the time to respond to my
inquires, and I appreciate it.

        I would have loved to have been permitted to study at Harvard or
Simmons or even BU, but I have never been "that" good, and the "Athens of
the New World" seems far out of reach to me.


Rommel John

Rommel John Miller                        rjmiller1095@xxxxxxxx
12544 Selsey Rd
Ocean City, MD  21842-9128             (410) 213-0082  (voice/fax/data)

"The time is short, let us do good works while we are able."

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