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Re: Miniature Books


There are copies of that volume in the libraries of at least two miniature
book collectors.  And, that record as "the world's smallest book" didn't
stand for long -- there are even smaller bound books.


At 02:01 PM 6/23/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Looking through "Notes & Queries" for other reasons I came across thi=
>reference to bookbinders in Connecticut.   (There was a "thread" on m=
>books a few months back if I remember correctly).   Unfortunately I d=
>o not have
>the other volume references for the 5th Series, only volume vii.  =
>To avoid problems of file attachments the extract from the text is gi=
>ven below
>in unformatted text.
>  =20
> Extract from:
> NOTES & QUERIES,  5th Ser., vii, Mar 31st, 1877, p.253
> ______________________________________________________
>       =20
>THE SMALLEST BOOKS IN THE WORLD (5th S., vi., pp 265, 316, 378, 524; =
>pp.79, 118.)  =97 In addition to those already given, I have =93The R=
>osebud=94, a
>song book, no date, probably published thirty years ago, size 3 in. b=
>y 2 in.,
>and The Psalms of David, in metre, Edinburgh, 1825, size 3 in by 1 7/=
>8 in.=20
> Gateshead
>       =20
>A firm of bookbinders in Hartford, Conn., have just bound the smalles=
>t book
>ever covered in full Turkey morocco.    It is an English almanac,  an=
>d measures
>tbree-quarters of an inch long by half an inch wide.   It is bound in=
> purple,
>with gold embroidered work and gilt edges. =20
>  Lotos Club, New York.=20
>I wonder what happened to such a "volume"?      =20
>       =20
>Rodney Fry
><  rod.fry@xxxxxxxx>

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