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Colophon Page is pleased to open its redesigned Discussion Forum. Featured
is the Symposium: Confluence/Collision?  (brief introduction below). You
may post your contributions to the Forum page
http://colophon.com/discussion.html. You may include links to other Web
pages of your own, or other's, creation; include  html links to images; or
send us a complete html document for presentation on Colophon Page. I will
endeavor to moderate the discussion and invite anyone who would like to be
actively engaged in a similar manner to contact me.

(The complete Symposium text is at http://colophon.com/symposium.html)


This forum has been established to explore the encounter of the
traditional technologies and paradigms of Printing, Publishing,
Illustration, Reading and Writing with those evoked or anticipated
by the new digital media - the Internet being the latest (but
by no means final) evolution.

With Paul Val=E9ry's epigraph from   Walter Benjamin's  essay "The Work of
Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" as an inspiration (see complete
Symposium text) I invite your thoughts regarding:

                  2.Archival quality
                  3.Authorship, Aura, Authenticity
                  4.Artistic production

More specifically, how has the computer and/or the Internet
affected the nature of your work? What new avenues of expression
or commerce has this new venue provided? What areas of confusion
has it created? What is the "Book" of the 21st century? The
"Artists' Book"? The "Livre d'Artiste"?

The book remains. It has already absorbed an on-slaught of new
technologies, and has only, in response, flourished. Colophon
Page is, itself, a manifestation of this evolution.

              James Wintner
              Colophon Page

http://colophon.com  Colophon Page
http://photoarts.com PhotoArts

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